Whimsical Field Family Session in San Diego

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When I think of the perfect family session, it is filled with laughter, kid piles, kisses, and a pinch of chaos. When you close your eyes and think about your family, what kinds of images come to the surface? What memories are you picturing? I would bet it isn’t your family stiffly posed and soft smiling at a camera. It’s the nights in your jammies watching movies, a Sunday morning pillow fight, or maybe just a regular school morning trying to get kids fed and out the door.

What I love about this session is we captured the fun, the spirit and the wildness of the Brown kids at such fun ages! We had so much fun frolicking around this field, basically just trying to keep up with the kids. When I did get mom, dad, the oldest and youngest arranged on a blanket for a group photo, we couldn’t quite wrangle their middle wild child! When I told him to go run and jump on his dad, he was all about it and did what I asked with 100% gusto – and the photo was too cute!!

When you are planning your family session, think about what feelings you really want to capture and be able to look back on someday. Remember, one day these are going to be your kids old photos. What do you want them to remember about your family and their childhood? What do you want to remember about them as littles? Let your photos be more than something to put on a holiday card, let them be a true celebration of who you are!

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