Joshua Tree Studio Couples Session

from the journal

The real question is who do we think won? Team Aimee or team Miles?

The answer is both because LOOK at how precious these turned out. This session came together as part of a content day put on by Marissa Vickers (@thereintime) and Angela (@sprigandstemfloral) at a gorgeous Joshua Tree Airbnb. We had Aimee and Miles snuggled up on the couch which is where this pillow fight started! Guys, I love (and I can’t stress this enough) indoor couples sessions. Something about the way natural light shines through windowpanes gives me actual goosebumps. If your house is constantly in a state of chaos and unwashed dishes like mine is, there are tons of studios and airbnbs you can use to get that cozy indoor feel – without the stress.

Another thing I love about indoor sessions is allllll the props you can use! Here’s just a few of my favorite ideas

  • coffee in the kitchen
  • get a little sudsy washing dishes
  • bathtup (oooooh spicy)
  • cuddles in pjs in bed
  • records and record players
  • kids toys
  • your pets
  • fireplaces

Drop some of your ideas in the comments!

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