Here's the thing - someday these images are going to be someone's old photos.

Think about those old albums your parents or grandparents have. Those photos are timeless, they feel like a warm hug from another time, they put a smile on your face... Why? Because they aren't trying too hard to be perfect, and they show your loved ones as they are in the little moments that tell a story.
That's what I'm after - not the latest trends. 

To get that good stuff, I really want to get to know you first! I want to know what the love between you feels like. Is it giggly, sweet and full of sunshine, or is it wild and passionate? How do you two fit together when you're relaxing on the couch watching Netflix? 

No stiff, cookie cutter posing here. The photos I promise to give you will be real & timeless. 

in the end, photography for me is just an excuse to get to know the world...

- graciela iturbide

My feelings about photos

ok ok ok, I'm sold :)

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a little about me

Hey! I'm Molly, I'm originally from Rhode Island, but my husband Steve, our dog Mo & our cat Baskins have moved all over the country for the Navy. We are currently stationed in Norfolk, VA.

We love cooking (he's an insanely good cook), good breweries, and we most often bicker about what to watch on tv or which one of us is on dog walking duty. We had one of those weird COVID wedding situations where we got engaged and legally married in 2019, but had our family wedding in the fall of 2021. Since we had a 3 year planning process, our wedding evolved from a 270 person ridiculously expensive shindig to a 40 person wedding with the people most important to us, and it was perfect. I am grateful for this, and I am always an advocate for having the wedding you want, that feels natural and right to you :) 

A bit about me - I'm a huuuge dog person (seriously, please let me take photos of your dogs). I love all things New England - dunks, lobstah rolls & the Pats! Mac & cheese, or honestly just any carbs covered in cheese, is my love language, and I could drink cold margaritas and iced coffee year round. I absolutely love being around people and learning what makes each person & each story unique. 


unreal photos by The Philgreens :)

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